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Hurricane Ike
Ike comes close, but APN Clubhouse spared

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hurricane Ike blew into Galveston Island, up into Texas, the eye crossing just to the east of Conroe and APN's Clubhouse.

Its wind speeds dropped from Category 2 to that of a Category 1 storm just about the time it neared closest to us, but that was enough to topple several of our large trees.

Below are a few photos showing the aftermath.


Ike's path plotted by


This aerial photo of APN's grounds shows the location of trees toppled by Ike


Looking down APN's driveway from the street, showing a tree blocking the way


A closer view of the trees blocking the driveway.  These are Trees 1 and 2 in the legend.
Tree 1 was uprooted and when it fell it took out Tree 2, about 15' above ground level.
Farther back in the picture you can see where a limb sheared off Tree 3.


The limb that broke off of Tree 3


Tree 8 is to the right in this photo.
The tree in the center of the photo is dead, but surprisingly is still standing.


Tree 8 as seen from near the clubhouse door.


Trees 7 and 6


Tree 8 (the stump on the far left), and Trees 7 and 6.


Trees 6 and 7 in the foreground, Tree 8 in the background.
Tree 8 fell to the right, while Trees 6 and 7 fell to the left.
Explain the physics of that.


Tree 6.
The still standing tree in the center of this photo appears to be dead, too.
Had it fallen, if it didn't hit the building it would have landed on the electrical line.


We came this close to being hit by Tree 6.  Whew!


A dead tree towering over the Clubhouse. 
Why did this tree, in the clearing, survive, while those
surrounded by other trees that buffered the winds, did not?


Trees 4 and 5.  Tree 4 is laying on the ground behind the brush,
it uprooted and as it fell it likely snapped Tree 5 off about 10' up.


The root ball of Tree 4 is to the left.  To the right is the limb off of Tree 3.


Tree 3 and the huge limb that fell off of it.


Another view of Tree 8.


Trees 10 and 11


Trees 12 and 13


Trees 1 and 2 as seen looking down the driveway towards the street.


Trees 1 and 2


Looking down the electrical right-of-way from the street.
The trees all appear to remain standing, although there is a big dead one
that can be seen in the background to the left of the pole, and a dead
branch appears to be dangling from the top of the tree to the left.


One week later - Saturday September 20 - APN Work Day

Randy cutting up what is just a limb that broke off of Tree 3
A huge limb from an even bigger tree!


Dueling Chainsaws

Randy and John cut a tree up while Mike, Roger,
Larry and David wait to carry the segments away


Barry and Larry load up debris to be carried off


Ray drags a branch to the trash pile


Jim grabbing some branches to haul off


Mike coming back for another load to haul off in this wheelbarrow


Taking a break to stay hydrated

John, Mike, Rich, Randy, Jim and Roger


Randy cutting up another tree as Rich and Johnnie load up debris to carry off.


The same scene a few hours later, looking good!

Jim, Bob, Mike, Randy, Mike, Johnnie and John


And in the end, a little less shade, maybe a few sore muscles, and a lot of firewood.

The good Lord was kind to APN, as although they came close, none of the falling trees hit the building.  As miraculously, none of them hit our power lines, either.  We lost power for a while, our refrigerator expired, and we had to clean up debris.  As a club we were lucky.

We wish everyone else in Ike's path would have fared as well.  At least two of our members suffered significant damage to their homes.  There are many, many individuals in Southeast Texas that suffered severe damage, even total loss of their homes and other property.  Tragically, some lost their lives as well.  They have our heartfelt condolences.  May God be with them.


Created 09/17/2008
Updated 02/11/2020