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Photo Galleries
We found a new home
Building dedication and modular layout
Starting construction of the permenant layout
The layout is in - Let's run some trains!
Working on the railroad
Progress shows on the layout
Now and Then - see how far we've come
Narrow gauge line
Our first official Operating Session
More operating session pictures
Pike Scenes - showing off our layout
2010 Christmas Party
2019 Christmas Party
Spring 2012 Spouse Oparting Session
Spring 2014 Spouse Operating Session
The Woodlands Photagraphy Club visits APN

The Waterfront
Bustling activity at the water's edge
As these pictures show, there are a lot of scenery elements packed into a small space at the waterfront.

Although it is still taking shape, and the water itself needs to be put in, there are still views worth lingering over, so scroll down and enjoy!

Barry is the creative energy behind the "scenes", so to speak, that put all this together into a very nice looking package.  But don't be surprised when you come to visit APN if the scenes are different.  Barry won't hesitate to change things around to make the scene even better.


Click on any photo for a higher resolution view


Updated 02/11/2020