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Scenes from All Points North Railroad

Port Keechi Intermodal Services

Port Keechi scene

This warehouse is integral to the container cargo traffic at Port Keechi.  Those thousands of containers offloaded from all those ships have to go somewhere.  Not to mention the paperwork to keep up with it all.  Being railroad men we'd prefer to have it all shipped out of the Port by train, but alas, in the real world there are some cargos and some shippers that are just more compatible with truck traffic. 

This very tidy scene is the work of Chip, who has real world experience in the way intermodal traffic is handled.  Of course that knowledge alone does not a great model make.  It also takes some artistic and modeling talent.

From these photos you can see for yourself that Chip is not lacking on those fronts, either.  From the convincing palm trees, the containers stacked about, and the cargo inside the warehouse door being handled by a fork lift, the scene has a great deal of realism that enhances the spot it occupies on the APN layout.


Overall view of the complex


A large forklift vehicle to handle containers in the parking lot dwarfs the small forklift inside the doors.
But that small forklift shares in the importance of getting the job done.


On the right is the office, framed by a pair of palm trees befitting of the harbor setting




Created on 05/31/2008
Updated 06/01/2008