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Member Info

Barry Cottrell

Barry Cottrell

  • Treasurer for many years, re-elected as APN Treasurer for 2010
  • Mayor of B C Oil and Gas
  • Mayor of Sabinal Refinery and some adjoining super-detailed waterfront property
  • Enjoys getting MRR bargains on eBay
  • Clinician
  • Member of Facilities Improvement Committee



Barry giving clinic on "How to Detail Scenes"


Barry Cottrell dressing up the fascia on the layout of APN
Trimming the fascia


Barry Cottrell measures for a pedestrian overpass he is contemplating for Sabinal on the APN layout
Measuring for a pedestrian bridge under consideration to cross over Port Keechi yard


Barry Cottrell's superdetailed BC Oil & Gas complex on ther APN layout
Barry's super-detailed B-C Oil & Gas and REA warehouse complex in Paulsboro


Recipient of the 2007 Stewardship Award for his contribution as Treasurer



Created on 03/23/2007
Updated 02/08/2013