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Mark Herzog, member of All Points North Model Railroad Club

Mark Herzog

  • Elected as Secretary 2018-19
  • Elected as Member-At-Large 2014-17
  • Elected as 2013 Vice President
  • Member and past Chairman of the Electrical Committee
  • Member and past Chairman of the Operations Committee
  • Co-Mayor of Reagan
  • Member of the Animation Committee
  • APN Clinician
  • Photographic chronicler
  • Webmaster for this APN website


Conducting a clinic on rolling stock standards and inspection


Annie and Mark Herzog at Port Keechi


St Louis Museum of Transportation at age 4


APN Logos created by Mark

To the left, the Logo
 when Steam ruled

To the right, the
present day Logo

Below, the Logo for our
narrow gauge railroad



Recipient of a 2007 Achievement Award for work on this Website



Created on 03/23/2007
Updated 05/07/2020