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Member Info

Richard Clayton, member of All Points North Model Railroad Club

Richard Clayton

  • Elected as APN Member-at-Large for 2007
  • Mayor of Oakley, co-Mayor of Burnito
  • Enjoys weathering locos and rolling stock
  • Clinician
  • Building a home layout
  • Member of the Scenery Committee
  • Member of the Electrical Committee
  • Member of the Operations Committee
  • Favorite road - Southern Pacific


Richard Clayton conducting a clinic on weathering at APN
Conducting a clinic on weathering locomotives and rolling stock


Doing mainline track repairs


Richard Clayton as Dispatcher during an operating session on Don Bozman's Great Great Northern layout
Dispatcher at an invitational APN ops session on Don Bozman's layout
Click here for more photos from op sessions at Don's


Richard Clayton discussing with other APN memebers the choice of a bridge
Discussing with other APN members the choice for a bridge


Richard Clayton clarifying a switch list to other APN members during a 2007 operating session
Clarifying a switch list to other members during a 2007 operating session


Richard Clayton making plaster mountains on the layout of APN
Smoothing out plaster on a new mountain


Holding an orientation session before an operating session.  Here going over a switch list with Randy




Hope, Beth, Richard and Chase Clayton, counting new cars on the car loading dock



Richard gives a big thumbs up to a particularly long train snaking its way around the layout


Created on 03/23/2007
Updated 02/08/2013