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Roger Macauley, member of All  Points North Model Railroad Club


Roger Macauley

  • Elected as APN Treasurer 2019-2023
  • Co-recipient of a 2022 Special Recognition Award for work in getting APN qualified as a 501(c)(3) Charity
  • Recipient of the Presidents Award 2019
  • Elected as APN President 2014-17
  • Elected as APN Vice President in 2008
  • Recipient of an APN Special Award in 2008
  • Co-recipient of a Team Award in 2007
  • Chairman of the CMRI Committee
  • Member of the Operations and Electrical Committees
  • Has an HO home layout


Roger Macauley soldering a DIN plug to a cab cable on the workbench at APN
At the workbench soldering a DIN plug on a coiled cab cable


Roger Macauley backs in a coal drag during an operating session on APN
Backing a coal drag under the tipple during an op session


Operating on Don Bozman's Great Great Northern layout


Receiving an award on behalf of the Operations Committee at the 2007 Christmas Party


Roger keeps a steady hand on his throttle as his train passes over itself climbing the helix


Roger showing off his home layout to other APN members at the 2008 APN Christmas Party


Roger with his artistic son, Steve, getting ready to pursue one of their other hobbies.
View the gallery here to see some of Steve's handiwork.


Duane presents an APN Special Award to Roger for his contribution in hosting ProRail in 2008


Roger receiving 2019 President's Award
Roger receiving the President's Award at the Christmas Party

Created on 03/23/2007
Updated 01/21/2023