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Richard "Chip" Mullen, Member of All Points North Model Railroad Club

Richard "Chip" Mullen

  • Originally lived in Illinois Central country but moved to Florida and retains a fond memory of traveling on "The Purple" through the Florida Keys.
  • Hence his favorite railroad is Atlantic Coast Line, with the Illinois Central not far behind
  • Preferred Era - 1962, 1963, 1964
  • Clinician
  • Award winning modeler
  • Member Emeritus


Chip teaching a clinic on installing LEDs in locomotives as Roger looks on



Richard Mullen
Unloading containers at the port





Judi & Chip Mullen
Judi & Chip Mullen on the steps of ACL caboose 0778 at the restored Seaboard Air Line depot
Pinellas County Heritage Village, Largo, Florida



Chip Mullen in Florida Keys
"This is atop the Bahia Honda bridge which was formerly US Route 1 to Key West. The highway
was laid on top of the old Florida East Coast, (the railroad that went to sea), right of way with
 all its viaducts and bridges after the hurricane of 1936 killed about 1000 railway employees, wrecked
 the railroad at Islamarada, and drove the FEC to bankruptcy.  In this case the highway was literally
on top of the 3312' RR long truss bridge that first spanned this stretch in 1912.  The highway people
took out two spans, one on each end, when the new highway by-passed the old bridge.  Clearly
it was way too narrow for increased auto and truck traffic.  Sometimes, standing here with a soft
tropical breeze blowing, I swear I can hear the far off mournful call of a steam locomotive's whistle."


Chip Mullen weathering a freight car
Weathering a box car using chalk powder at an APN clinic


Chip and Judi Mullen looking over Port Keechi on APN's layout


Chip's Port Keechi Intermodal Services warehouse



Created on 04/22/2007
Updated 02/11/2020