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John Christiansen, member of All Points North Model Railroad Club

John Christiansen

  • Elected as APN Vice-President for 2022 and 2023
  • Filled a partial term for President in 2022
  • Elected as APN President for 2007. re-elected 2008-13, presiding over the clubhouse expansion
  • Previously held office of Member-at-Large
  • Mayor over the Paper Mill complex
  • Mayor of Metropolis
  • APN Clinician
  • Resident warehouse kit-bash King


Look how much these double-stacks l-e-a-n !!


John Christiansen kitbashing at APN
Hard at play kit-bashing warehouses


Old Port on the APN layout, over which John is co-Mayor.  John likes signs, can you tell?
Some of the buildings at Old Port.  We got signs!


John Christiansen, chief chef at 2006 APN birthday party (say that fast 10 times)
John as chief chef.  Repeat that 10 times.


John Christiansen gives a clinic on kit-bashing buildings to APN members
Inspiring others to be passionate about kit-bashing


Presenting Moe the 2007 President's Award


John Christiansen calling in to the dispatcher as he runs a troop train during an operatind session at APN
Calling into the dispatcher as he operates a troop train


Gluing Homasote roadbed down to the 3/4" plywood sub-roadbed on the helix


Judy Miller and Carita Christiansen

Carita with Grandchildren and son


John's son help him show off the cake from an APN Birthday Party


John's son and 3 grandchildren



Created on 03/23/2007
Updated 01/21/2023