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Technical File Area

How to install resistors on your wheelsets

Making your own Throttle cord assembly

How to operate hand ground throws

How to uncouple using a bamboo skewer

DCC Decoder Function Resistor Calculator

CV 29 explained - what this complicated CV does, and how NCE makes it easy

Car Inspection Standards

Original Operations Manual for Wangrow System One DCC Command Station

Updated pages for latest version of System One Command Station

How DCC works - a simplified explanation by Loy Spurlock

Other Technical Ideas on the net that have potential application on APN's layout

Dwarf Signals From Styrene

Manual Ground Throws: Power Routing Your Frogs

Mounting Tortoise Switch machine ideas:
   Offset linkage for a Tortoise I
   Offset linkage for a Tortoise II (towards bottom of the page)
   Alternate linkage
   Adapter Plate

Operating scale switch stands
  This design linked directly to Tortoise - 4 animations at this page showing one in action
  This design linked to throwbar

Operating model railroad layout to put in the window of our scale hobby shop at Burnito
  See one in action
  How to build it

Homemade cable guides to keep layout wiring neat and tangle free

Links to other technical tips of merit

Adding electrical pickup to axles I
Adding electrical pickup to axles II
Adding electrical pickup to axles III
Adding electrical pickup to axles VI
Adding electrical pickup to axles V


Updated 04/22/2022