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Randy Handley, member of All Points North Model Railroad Club

Randy Handley

  • Randy drove real trains as an engineer for the UP, before he retired
  • Mayor of the Champion Mine, the Crown Industrial Park and has a sugar beet complex under construction
  • Has started construction on his second HO home layout


Randy Handley weighing a hopper in a car inspection work session at APN
Weighing cars to see if they meet standards


Getting a train assembled and ready for a road crew to take out during an operating session


A typical day at work for Randy Handley, at the control stand of a 1:1 scale locomotive for the Union Pacific Railroad
Before retiring, this was a typical day at the office for Randy,
at the control stand of a 1:1 scale UP locomotive


Taking time to pose during an Op Session on Don Bozman's Great Great Northern layout
Click here for more photos from that op session


Randy poses with his train during an op session on APN's layout


This time out on the rails, Randy's office was in Heritage paint


Randy & Wife
At the Spring 2018 Spousal Invitational


Created on 03/23/2007
Updated 02/11/2020