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Robert Miller, member of All Points North Model Railroad Club

Robert (Bob) Miller

  • Treasurer for 2011-18
  • Secretary for numerous years, re-elected as APN Secretary for 2010
  • Mayor of Valley Junction (General Store and Lumber Mill) and co-Mayor of P1
  • Semi-official APN Historian
  • Member of Scenery Committee
  • Recipient of a Special Achievement Award in 2007
  • Co-recipient of the Team Award in 2008
  • Has a home layout



Rumbling a freight train through Paulsboro


Robert Miller making trees during a work session at APN
Making one of the thousands of trees we'll need to populate the layout


Robert Miller, Marty Barkley, Steve Hashagen and David Funk ready to survey the APN plot in spring of 2000
Bob, Marty, Steve and David scout out the APN property prior to the clearing work beginning


Mike & Sherry Kremheller and Judy & Bob Miller watch as a log train navigates Mundwiller switchback


Bob (left) leads members, families and guests in prayer before a meal in the APN clubhouse


As a member of the Scenery Committee, shown here receiving the 2008 Team Award


A few photos of Bob's home layout:

Created on 03/23/2007
Updated 05/07/2020