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Charlie Richmond stops his job as yard master on Don Bozman's Great Great Northern layout long enough to pose for this photo.  Do you think he is having fun?
Switching Seattle Yard on Don Bozman's Great Great Northern layout
Click here for more photos from GGN op sessions

Charlie Richmond

  • Chairman of the Layout Committee for 2011
  • Chairman of the Publicity Committee for 2010-2013
  • Past President (and Vice President, Secretary and Member-at-Large)
  • Elected as Member-at-Large for 2008
  • Has been an APN club member longer than anyone
  • Was involved in locating and acquiring the parcel of property that APN now is located on
  • Chairman of the Bridge Committee
  • Mayor of the Diesel Facility
  • Co-Mayor of the Reagan
  • Number 1 APN Booth recruiter at Train Shows
  • Clinician
  • Favorite road - Union Pacific


Chalie Richmond having an animated discussion with Roger and Johnnie in front of his diesel shop
Charlie in an animated discussion with Roger and Johnnie in front of his scratch built diesel shop


If APN has a booth at a train show, you can count on Charlie Richmond being there to man it. Here he is at the WGH show in Houston, 2006. 
Manning APN's booth at the 2006 WGH show  


Charlie's "Business" Card

Charlie Richmond cutting out roadbed to make way for a bridge on the APN layout
Cutting out roadbed to make way for an
installation by Richmond Bridge & Steel


 Charlie Richmond pouring Hydrocal in a mold
Making a plaster casting

Charlie Richmond and Mike Kelley assembling an overhead creeper
With his grandson and Mike, assembling a topside creeper


Charlie Richmong making model trees at APN
Making trees


Charlie tests fits a coaling tower in the steam facility under construction


Carolyn and Charlie Richmond


Created on 03/23/2007
Updated 02/11/2020