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Photo Galleries
We found a new home
Building dedication and modular layout
Starting construction of the permanent layout
The layout is in - Let's run some trains!
Working on the railroad
Progress shows on the layout
Now and Then - see how far we've come
Narrow gauge line
Our first official Operating Session
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Pike Scenes - showing off our layout
2010 Christmas Party
2019 Christmas Party
2022 Christmas Party
Spring 2012 Spouse Operating Session
Spring 2014 Spouse Operating Session
The Woodlands Photography Club visits APN

Narrow Gauge
Narrow Gauge is growing again
The legendary John Allen's Gorre & Daphetid layout incorporated both a standard gauge line and a narrow gauge line, and his plans where to have more narrow gauge trackage than he ultimately did.  But he ceased expansion of his narrow gauge line, stating that it was too much to try to do both, that to let both flourish, one would always be vying for resources with the other.  Here at APN, we too had a larger plan for the narrow gauge, but like John Allen's layout, the narrow gauge was taking away resources from the standard gauge, and was also creating complications in several overlapping areas, on how to realistically scenic a problematic track configuration.  So we took down a section of narrow gauge mainline that connected the narrow gauge "high line" with the narrow gauge line that runs at normal layout height, creating two non-contiguous runs of narrow gauge right-of-way.  This decision was made easier in light of the fact that the club only had a few true narrow gauge modelers (and none that model it exclusively), and one of those had left the club.  And the truth be known, seeing a train running on either of the 2 narrow gauge lines is a rarity.

The introduction of Blackstone's K-27 narrow gauge 2-8-2 Mikado "mudhen" has rekindled the interest of at least one other member since that section of NG track was removed, and after a flurry of new activity the 2 narrow gauge lines have been reconnected by a 2-3 turn helix, with a 5% grade.  This is not overly excessive for narrow gauge engines, which typically pull very short trains.  

With the helix in place plans are being made to utilize the narrow gauge line in future operating session.

Below are some scenes from APN's HOn3 narrow gauge line

A shay leads a train on the high line

Its sister Shay traversing a trestle on Mundwiller switchback

A mudhen at the Meyer Junction passenger depot

Meyer Junction, an interchange between the narrow gauge and the standard gauge

Lumberjacks at work on Pistol Hill

Pistol Hill

More scenes on Pistol Hill

The water tower at Meyer Junction

A "Galloping Goose" at Meyer Junction

Here is the helix support frame, with roadbed and track being glued in place.  The curve radius is 15.75"

Here is where the helix was installed, inside a reverse loop on the layout level narrow gauge
mainline track.  A turnout was cut into the track in the left foreground, and track was extended
from its diverging route into a spiral up a 5° grade about 12" to the upper level of the narrow
gauge mainline, shown against the wall. 

Richard doing some switching to make room for the "Goose" Mike is bringing up the switchback

Pistol Hill


January Falls trestle


Updated 02/11/2020