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Photo Galleries
We found a new home
Building dedication and modular layout
Starting construction of the permanent layout
The layout is in - Let's run some trains!
Working on the railroad
Progress shows on the layout
Now and Then - see how far we've come
Narrow gauge line
Our first official Operating Session
More operating session pictures
Pike Scenes - showing off our layout
2010 Christmas Party
2019 Christmas Party
2022 Christmas Party
Spring 2012 Spouse Operating Session
Spring 2014 Spouse Operating Session
The Woodlands Photography Club visits APN

Layout Construction
January 2003 laying of the corner "stone"
Well, not a stone, but the first section of the permanent layout bench work. Using a set-up jig, we mass produced rectangular, modular bench work sections that we used to quickly fill the room. We followed this with 3/4" plywood sub-roadbed upon which we layered HomasoteTM and then track. As soon as we could, we got trains out and started testing our handiwork. 

Tools and lumber ready to be put to use

Here's the jig to mass produce benchwork modules

Duane Darling and David Tumulty rip plywood into 1"x3" dimensional strips as Marty Barkley looks on

At long last. Steven Foster stands next to the first benchwork module to be installed.

David and Duane screw 2 more modules together

With all those modules pre-made and ready, the assembly goes quick.

The room is getting built out

Another shot of the benchwork

Benchwork taking shape. The modular layout was moved into the meeting room and out of the way.

Duane at the table saw, Marty and David assembling a module in the jug.

Pocket screw hold it all together.  They can be easily removed, allowing rearrangement of the
cross joists if necessary, to clear Tortoise machines of whatever

Benchwork along the south wall

Barry Cottrell, Mike Kremheller and Scott Kurzawski start running wires under the layout

Benchwork for the Larkspur staging yard

The rough benchwork is pretty much complete

This shot of our two nested helixes show how the plywood sub-roadbed is constructed.
These helixes change in diameter and cross over each other, making their construction more difficult.

The "glues" brothers, Mike Kremheller and John Christiansen, laying Homasote

The helixes are ready for track

Looking out across the emerging layout from the entrance door

A shot taken from another corner

Couldn't wait for all the track to get down to put out a string of cars.

At long last, the inaugural train makes a test run, snaking its way down  temporary
track laid on one of the 2 stacked staging yards over the workbench

The test train passing through the wall separating the layout room from the workroom

Running down the track across the benchwork for the Larkspur staging yard ...

.. and running out of track. Have to quit playing and lay more track!

Charlie Richmond ponders the location of the diesel service facility
 as Jim Dunnuck & Ray McClure look on

Mock up of what will become the Paper Mill in Paulsboro

Hidden staging in Shashone Yard

One of the two grades down to the 2 hidden staging yards
With the below layout balloon track, whole trains can be turned around

Miguel Macias helps steady the valence over what will ultimately become our Dispatcher's Desk


Updated 02/11/2020