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Photo Galleries
We found a new home
Building dedication and modular layout
Starting construction of the permenant layout
The layout is in - Let's run some trains!
Working on the railroad
Progress shows on the layout
Now and Then - see how far we've come
Narrow gauge line
Our first official Operating Session
More operating session pictures
Pike Scenes - showing off our layout
2010 Christmas Party
2019 Christmas Party
Spring 2012 Spouse Oparting Session
Spring 2014 Spouse Operating Session
The Woodlands Photagraphy Club visits APN

Love them Trains

For the Love of Trains
In their song Long Train Runnin' the Doobie Brothers ask the question "Without love, where would you be now?"  They did not have the love of trains on their minds when they wrote this song, but at APN, the love of trains is exactly what is on our minds.  Steam trains, freight trains, short trains, passenger trains, long trains.  Love them Trains!  And where we be now is at the APN Clubhouse with our trains.

This photo spread features one of the longest trains we had run to date in an operating session at APN, and it really looked good to see this ribbon of a train as it slowly and gracefully eased its way around the pike.  And with a train this long all spread out, it highlights one of the many advantages to having a club layout - having this much running room!


Richard shows his approval.  Don't doubt for a minute that he doesn't love trains.

The train passes over itself as Roger carefully takes her up the helix of Mt. Stephens


Click on a photo for a higher resolution view

She is so long the camera's flash struggles to light the rear of the train

Wrapped around aptly named Big Bend




Updated 02/11/2020